Best Electric Roti Maker - Buying Guide & Reviews

Do you miss home food prepared by your mom? To perceive education or job, some people have to stay away from their house. To cook food at home, rather than spending money on restaurants, a Roti maker is all that can assist them. Since it can save much of your preparation time and there is no need for a rolling board and a rolling pin. The Electric Roti maker is the perfect appliance for your kitchen which enables you to make a large number of roles in a short time duration. By making use of the Roti maker, you will be able to prepare thin, perfect round, and fluffy rotis.

The price for this electronic gadget is economical. It uses less amount of power and also saves gas. There are plenty of brands and models of Roti maker there available Official Website for more details. To choose one among so many can be hard. Before you buy one, check the basic features like it’s temperature control, light indicator, nonstick coating, safety, griddle size, the use of power, etc. Also, check the durability of the product. In this article, we will discuss the best electric Roti maker.

Prestige PRM 3.0 Stainless steel Roti Maker- The material that is used to design this product is stainless steel. It comes with temperature control, the user can set or control the temperature at which the roti needs to be cooked. The quality of the product is good and the griddle can be used not only for preparing rotis but also for Khakhra, uttapams, does, etc. The handle is made from plastic fiber so that the electric shock or high-temperature heat can be avoided. It is good for bachelors and small families.

Sunflame Roti Maker- This is good for oil-free cooking and to prepare soft and puffy rotis. For safety purposes, it is fitted with a thermostat that monitors the temperature. The outer body is of stainless steel and has Ergonomic handles that are made of plastic. The design of this Roti maker is attractive and also prepares rotis in just a few minutes. It comes with two years of warranty.

Molo Roti maker or Khakhra maker- It is a budget-friendly product. It has an anti-fall plate design and has bigger gripping handles for holding and pressing. To know the current performance status, the red light gives the indication. Apart from making chapattis, it can prepare dosas, khakhra, etc in a fraction of a few minutes without much effort. If you want to stick to your budget, this is a good product that is worth buying.

Kerwa Non sticks shockproof Roti maker- It is an amazing product for preparing homemade crispy rotis. You can also prepare papad, dosas, omelet, etc in a couple of minutes. The stainless steel body grabs the attention and it is supported by a strong base. It has a non-stick coating plate, versatile design with lightweight. The LED light helps you to know the max temperature limit of the appliance.

In conclusion, hope this article has helped and guided you to know the various kinds of electric Roti maker and the best that you can choose for your kitchen. The product can even be ordered online at a reasonable price.



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